Presentations to the Legislature

Conservatives United Against Working People

Alberta's public servants work hard everyday to teach our children, keep us safe, and contribute to their communities. By voting against common-sense amendments to Alberta's 30 year old labour laws, it's clear conservatives don't understand working people. I'm proud to be part of the NDP government that is taking steps to modernize our labour laws to be in step with the rest of Canada. It's about time Albertans enjoyed rights like job-protected sick leave and compassionate care leave like the rest of Canada.

World Creativity and Innovation Week

April 15 to 21 each year is World Creativity and Innovation Week.

Liz Breakey and Margaret Bahcheli Introduction

I was honoured to introduce Rocky View County Councillors Liz Breakey and Margaret Bahcheli to the Alberta Legislature.

Banning For-Profit Blood Donor Clinics - Bill 3 Second Reading

Question on Protecting Communities from Forest Fires

I had the opportunity to ask the Minister of Agriculture & Forestry what is being done to protect communities like those in Banff-Cochrane from forest fires.

Reducing School Fees

I was excited to support Bill 1, An Act to Reduce School Fees. Only the NDP will act to protect important public services like education and healthcare.

Chief Adamo Introduction

No Solutions from Wildrose on Wait Times

The Wildrose had an opportunity to suggest ways to improve surgical wait times today but they blew it. They would rather divert resources away from front line care in order to study something that is already publicly reported, rather than actually getting things done.

Hwy 1A 22 Question to Minister of Transportation

The Highway 1A/22 intersection is an important part of Alberta's transportation network.

2017 Throne Speech Reply

I was delighted to have the opportunity to respond to the Speech from the Throne during the 3rd Session of the 29th Alberta Legislature.

Landowner Rights & Renewable Energy

Constituents in Banff-Cochrane have asked about their rights when it comes to bringing new renewable energy projects online as well as transmission lines. On behalf of constituents and all Albertans I asked the Minister of Energy how landowner rights will be protected. Unfortunately the opposition laughed about this issue and tried to shout the Minister down as she addressed this legitimate concern.

Motion on Alberta's Water Security - Excerpt

This video is an excerpt from the full debate.

Motion on Alberta's Water Security - Full Debate

I had the honour on December 12, 2016 to move my private member motion 511 urging the government to manage and conserve our public lands to ensure Alberta's water future is secure. I was pleased that the motion was carried by the assembly, but disappointed it was not supported by the opposition. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me write the motion and appreciate the important role that the landscape plays in water quantity and quality.

Stephen Legault Legislative Assembly Introduction

Always a pleasure to have visitors at the Legislature.

Flood Mitigation Question to Minister Phillips

The NDP government is taking action to protect communities in Banff-Cochrane against future flooding

Water Security Statement

Water is at the heart of everything. Let's work to ensure we manage our public lands in a way that ensures our water future is secure.

Forever Tragically Hip

Forest & Prairie Protection Amendment Act

Proud to speak in support of better protection for fighting wildfires.

PTSD Awareness Act

Proud to speak and vote in support of my friend and colleague's private member's bill creating PTSD awareness day that will be observed June 27 starting this year

Question to Minister of Forestry

Muncipalities Acting on Climate Change

Bow Valley Community Foundation Repeal Act

Questions to Tourism and Housing Ministers

Reducing School Fees

I was excited to support Bill 1, An Act to Reduce School Fees. Only the NDP will act to protect important public services like education and healthcare.