Posted on Apr 1, 2017

School Fee Reduction

When I talk to families in our community, one thing that often comes up is the high cost of mandatory school fees. I know that every September it can be a real scramble for a family to cobble together the funds to get their kids out the door and into their schools. For families, this can cost hundreds if not more than a thousand dollars. That’s why I campaigned on reducing school fees, and I am proud today to give you an update on fulfilling this promise.

In the Throne Speech delivered on March 2, the government announced our first piece of legislation which will significantly reduce school fees for families. Across the province, this will save families hundreds of dollars. This legislation will be implemented this spring, so that when your kids go back to school in September, your fees will be reduced. The fees will be reduced by an average of 25% across Alberta, with more work to do in the future.

I know that the downturn in the economy has been hard on many families. That’s exactly why we support reducing school fees, starting with the instructional supply and material fees. These will be eliminated. As well, we support eliminating busing fees for the children that are travelling to their designated school. I am happy to share that the government is taking action to reduce them.

As the economy recovers, Albertans expect their government to help them through the downturn to make things better for them. Reducing school fees will mean one less thing that families have to worry about to make ends meet. I am proud to stand up for quality education and to make sure it’s affordable for all families.


Cam Westhead, MLA for Banff-Cochrane